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19. May 2013 21:49
by Ari

Get Rid Of Pet Hair On Your Furniture & Car Seats

19. May 2013 21:49 by Ari | 1 Comments

As much as I vacuum, it's very hard to get those little pesky pet hairs out of fabric. I even tested a product that "CLAIMED" to get pet hair out quickly, but was unsuccessful. I finally came up with this solutions on a whim. On the left of this photo you can see the pet hair stuck everywhere. On the right side, you can see how it's hair-free after using this simple and inexpensive method.

All you need is gaff tape (duck tape, or any sturdy tape). Wrap it around your hand with the sticky side out.

 Then simply DAB and DRAG in different directions. Repeat the process a couple of times until all the hair is gone. In the photo below, the right side has been cleaned and the left side has not.

 It's like magic! My car seats look great and I am very happy the hair is gone!

Look how much I got with one drag in the photo below.

Hope you like this little tip. It really comes in handy when you have OCD like I do :) enjoy!!!

P.S. You can use this on any fabric surface. 


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